Summer Fooding

Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper 1956

The days are getting longer and I'm looking forward to eating more summer foods with the anticipation of warmer weather. Cold noodles and soups and wonderful salads and fresh fruits. I've been keeping ice tea in my fridge which is easy to make in my vintage thermal pitcher that goes from hot to cold. I am hoping to get in a few picnics this year with my plastic picnic set from the early 1960s. I'll be posting soon about fresh rolls, homemade peanut sauce, and other summer goodies. 
What are your favorite summertime foods?


  1. aww pretty picture.

    summertime foods... well I love melon salad =) sorry to say it has goats cheese in it but it is really refreshing- melon, mint, cucumber, and a vinegarette. melon is the word.

    fun summer things also, like coconut juice, when you can carry around a big green one! frozen raspberry yoghurt.

  2. Mmm, that all sounds amazing! I've been hoping to find unsweetened coconut water in Chinatown but no luck so far. I can find it at natural food stores but it's overpriced...